Kinesiology Training and Neuro-Training

Welcome to our kinesiology training facility - Easternview Education Centre, a business specialising in delivering comprehensive and professional training in kinesiology offering courses in Certificate IV and Diploma, both courses are accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA).

The kinesiology peak industry body, the AKA, is determined to maintain high standards which includes strict accreditation of courses and also maintain and enhance the accredited status of trainers and practitioners.

Certificate IV in Kinesiology

Getting started in your new kinesiology career, your training to become a respected professional kinesiology practitioner will be an important decision adventure and time for you.

Our Kinesiology Training campus is part of Easternview Education Centre. We teach accredited Kinesiology Certificate and kinesiology Diploma Courses and workshops.

Getting started on a career in Kinesiology is an important decision. As a respected professional kinesiology practitioner your learning experience and comprehension will be based on the most recent research including the latest theories and the philosophy behind the kinesiology content we teach.

While your new found kinesiology theory and knowledge is developing, a secondary learning based on the practicalities will begin to develop. This practical learning that is part of our training structure and will continue over the years while you continue doing the kinesiology theory courses. As a result of this concurrent development involving theory and practice, your education in kinesiology will continue to improve.

These new found skills will enable you to affect change in people and to help them in their recuperation journey when they ultimately visit your kinesiology Clinic after you have qualified.

By learning and understanding both the theoretical and the practical implications of our Kinesiology Training, the knowledge and new skills you will be taught in at our Easternview Training Centre, will also enhance your practical kinesiology experience.

During your training you will be given special projects and assignments about client care, running a successful clinic and advanced clinical applications. These insights into advanced kinesiology together with the how's and why's of your new found skills will allow your professionalism to develop even further.

Easternview Education Centre offers the Certificate IV in kinesiology (HLT42812) and the Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training.

Certificate IV in kinesiology (HLT42812) is a nationally recognised qualification which provides excellent professional practical and technical skills on which to establish a kinesiology and Natural Therapy business. Delivering the latest research and developments in the kinesiology industry, this course includes skills and techniques in the mental, emotional, physical, biochemical, nutritional and energetic contexts.

Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training is an industry accredited course which covers advances in neuro-science research integrating this with kinesiology in an enhanced and comprehensive training experience. The Solution Oriented Process, unique to Neuro-Training, integrates all skills and knowledge of the professional practitioner into an artistry of practical clinical application which allows the client to follow their own recuperation path. More about our courses on Neuro-training Click Here.

These courses are an excellent blend of theory and practical in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  For more information on just kinesiology take a look Here.

Training now running in 2014

Both our Neuro-Training Certificate and kinesiology Certificate Courses are running as is the kinesiology Diploma Course.

Some new special courses being delivered delivered this year to existing qualified trainers but not yet publically advertised are being extremely well received. The prerequisite for this training is qualification in either of the certificate courses.

Find out more about these advanced courses for next year: Contact Val Walters

Certificate from February to November 2014

All Modules in  Neuro-Training
Description: All these modules introduce the wonderful world of our neurology, our nervous system and our subconscious. Learn how to access the nervous system and the subconscious using muscle monitoring and how to resolve stresses. Learn about circuits, pre-checks, defences, the solution oriented procedure, the Model of Universal Principles and dehydration. By the end of the 250 hours, you will have gained an understanding of the philosophy and the basic skills of necessary to begin practising as a kinesiology and Neuro-Training practitioner.

Click Here for more detail out more about our Certificate IV Courses.

Diploma from February to November 2014

Diploma of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training

To find out more about our Diploma Schedule, Download our PDF here.

For more information about our Schedule for the Certificate IV courses for 2014, visit Certificate IV Courses.

What is kinesiology and Neuro-Training?

kinesiology was first developed in the 1950's and established a technique known as Muscle Testing.  This technique is based on the fact that all our neurology, and therefore what is happening in our brain, is connected via our nervous system.  Using this connection, we can reference the brain responses to particular stressors by using an indicator, specifically our muscles.

Neuro-Training is a unique approach to health and recuperation that relies on making changes to the neurology (or brain). The brain and its connection to the nervous system means that all healing and recuperation occurs from the "head down". By making changes to our neurology we can resolve issues that may be preventing our recuperation. 

About my kinesiology Training!
I have always been investigative in my work. When the “cause” of a set of symptoms is known, my next question is “What caused that?”. When the answer to that is known, I ask, “What caused that?” drilling down to the disturbance in the persons expression of their life (spirit), that has resulted in those symptoms.

Our genetics give us the ability to express our life. Genetics gives us the ability to choose how we want to express our life; to choose our thinking, our behaviours, and how to inhabit our physical body.

Whatever disturbs that genetic ability, and therefore the expression of our life, are challenges that we don’t, can’t, resolve. These challenges may come from being involved in a major devastating event like a flood, an earthquake, or a tsunami, but can just as easily come from a seemingly insignificant every day event. It is not the size of the challenge or what the trauma was, but our response to the challenge that matters, that determines whether we will develop a conflict and symptom pattern or not; whether we will be vulnerable or resilient in the future as a result.

There are a million techniques out there (an exaggeration perhaps – or maybe not) that are applied to symptom patterns, and some of those will work some of the time. They will work, in that, the symptom pattern may disappear. When the symptoms appear to have gone, the person may feel that they have had a “cure”. There are two possibilities, either they have resolved their conflict and have indeed achieved a “cure”, or they have enlisted defence strategies to enact denial, avoidance, and/or suppression.

My Kinesiology Training Classes are where students lean about the interaction between a persons neural pathways and a persons neurology to facilitate a healing process; Always Looking for that cause of the problem that persists.

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